Emma Ferneyhough Colner


i like science enough that i got a PhD in psychology.

My academic site

My dissertation is titled Emotional Modulation of Visual Attention. There's even a listing for it on Amazon, but like most government-funded academic works it is not available to the general public. You can read the abstract here. Unfortunately, it doesn't show the epigraph, which is kinda my favorite part:

Fear is the mind-killer.

Frank Herbert's Dune (1965)

I was able to co-publish a few other peer-reviewed articles and a book chapter before I escaped, erm, switched careers. If you click on the link to my academic site you can download the pdfs.

I'm still interested in psychology and neuroscience, and love me some good visual and optical illusions. There's a reason I was able to stick with it as long as I did, because on a high level, the human mind and brain are a couple of the biggest mysteries out there.

very rough idea of what my name looks like to me

Maybe one day I'll write a post about my synesthesia.

alt : dissertation_wordle.pdf

A wordle of my dissertation.