Emma Ferneyhough Colner

Fort Funston And Baker Beach

I caught up on sorting through photos I took in February over the weekend. It’s been unusually warm in SF the past few years so that means we get to enjoy lovely beach days when the rest of the country is up to their ankles/knees/waists in snow. Yes, we are all doomed.

Fort Funston Beach

On Valentine’s Day we went to the very southern part of Ocean Beach, which is right next to Fort Funston National Park. Apparently it is one of the premier hang gliding spots in the area, and also the site of the largest remaining dune field in San Francisco.


But apart from that, it definitely has a different flavor than the northern part near the Cliff House.


I would describe it as semi-post-apocalyptic. There are a bunch of what look like old crumbly fort bits made of concrete and metal.


Some graphiti artists have been leaving their traces.


There really weren't many nice dry places to lay a blanket down on.


The sand had this dirty, ashy quality.


But that didn't stop anyone from walking their dogs or playing catch


or cuddling on top of fort remnants.


The sun was out shining bright, people were flying their kites and drones. All in all, a wonderful day.

Baker Beach

Just to show that it’s not always sunny, we went to Baker Beach the following weekend when our friend Ty was visiting. Although it was a glorious sunny day on the east side of the city, we arrived at the beach just as the fog wall enveloped us.


Still, very atmospheric. With a few ciders and a quick jog to the rock wall towards the Golden Gate, we were able to stay warm. Also of note is the gentleman who was spread-eagled and naked on the sand. (Not pictured). Good for him!