Emma Ferneyhough Colner

Tilden Nature Area

The east bay has some excellent hikes. During the last week of February we went up to Tilden Park and ended up hiking through the Tilden Nature Area on a beautiful winter/summer day. (Technically winter, physically felt more like summer). I didn’t realize until just now that Tilden Park is divided up into the Nature Area and the Regional Park. From personal experience, it seems like the main difference lies in the fact that the Regional Park offers more activities and you’ll probably run into more people there. The Nature Area by contrast seemed quieter and we had more moments to ourselves on the trail and at the peak.

Our hike followed Memory Trail off of Canon Drive to Upper Packrat Trail and finally to the peak along Wildcat Peak Trail. It was a gorgeous, clear day where we could see along the entire horizon. After enjoying a snack and soaking up some rays, we headed back down before sunset along the same path.

If you’re looking for a relatively short hike of about 2 hours I highly recommend it, especially during the winter and spring months when the hills are green and wildflowers are blooming!


View of the Bay with Sutro Tower on the left and the Golden Gate on the right.


Hills of Marin County


An old rusty gate


Proud tree


Quiet and sunny


Green rolling hills