Emma Ferneyhough Colner

Alamere Falls

I’ve finally caught up with processing all my recent photos taken on my Fuji X-E2. Once I get these out of my system I hope to write some blog posts about something other than awesome hikes. But for today, I am going to tell you about our hike to Alamere Falls last weekend.

I had heard about this location from another hiker/photographer friend as well as some recent blog post on one of the SF current events blogs. The latter, and the fact that it was a gorgeous day, may have explained the crowds. I’m sure we passed hundreds of people that day and saw more people at the beach at the midway point.

We left our apartment around 12:30pm and got to the Palomarin trailhead by 2:30pm, all of 35 miles away. Traffic in the city was pretty bad, and just to get to Marin took over an hour. The parking lot was full but we snagged a spot off the side of the road close by. There were a bunch of people just getting on the trail at the same time as us. It’s not our favorite thing to hike with a bunch of strangers, but we got ahead of them and pretty much only ran into people going in the opposite direction.

It was a warm day, and there were plenty of wildflowers blooming. We saw a garter snake or two as well. The trail was pretty wide and flat with only a few uphill sections. Since it was over 8 miles roundtrip, it was nice to have a “leisurely” hike.


Walking under the eucalyptus.


The trail followed the coast for a ways.


An iris.


I believe this is a fennel plant.


Bass Lake. There were people swimming there and jumping into the water on a rope swing. I imagine the water was pretty cold though.


Pelican Lake.


Poppies. One of my favorite flowers.


Upper part of Alamere Falls. We arrived here around 4pm and had our lunch.


People down below on the beach.


The "path" down to the beach.


Alamere Falls.


Big cliffs.



Once we reached the beach we found an unoccupied swath and settled down for a nap on the sand with the sun beating down on us. Two hours passed very peacefully… at 6pm we had to scramble back up the cliff to make it back to the parking lot before dark. I would recommend going with a friend to help getting back up, especially if you’re short. It’s a tricky steep climb.