I studied the neural mechanisms underlying how anxiety interferes with our ability to pay attention and stay on task. My last academic position was as a post-doc at UC Berkeley in the Affective Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, working with Dr. Sonia Bishop.

During my PhD, I studied how emotion influences attentional processes and visual perception using paradigms such as exogenous cueing tasks and the attentional blink. I relied on visual psychophysics, fMRI and patient methodologies. I graduated from NYU Psychology's Cognition & Perception PhD program in 2011.

Research Tools: amygdala dissection pictures

I am a grapheme-color and number-form synesthete. Letters and numbers also have personalities to me (ordinal linguistic personification). I would enjoy being in your study on synesthesia.

Here are pictures of my brain.

In my free time I enjoy taking pictures, drawing comics, and learning about web design.