Emma Ferneyhough Colner


I sling code by day and read comic books by night.


I spent my 20s pursuing scientific endeavors. I am spending my 30s as a cog in the machine. The machine is working pretty well for me right now. If money was not a pressing need, I would travel and take photographs a lot of the time, but also probably still spend a lot of time reading books, hiking, cooking and eating.

I've had some kind of online presence since the mid-1990s when I'd use dial-up to log into Yahoo! chat rooms and hang out with strangers around the world, and when I made my first website on Geocities. Remember those days? The Internet, man. It's a godsend for introverts like me.

I mostly grew up in California but was born in Malaysia, and have more roots in England. I have also lived in Austin TX, Nashville TN, and New York NY. Moving around is in my blood. Where will I end up next?

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley, and my Master's and Doctorate in Experimental Psychology at NYU. Then I decided, eh, what the hell, let's be a professional web developer instead.

I have a mom, a dad, a younger brother, a younger sister and an older sister (who by the way designed the font I used on the home page). They're all amazing.

After 4 years in San Francisco, I now reside in El Cerrito, CA with my husband, infant son and cat, all snowflakes who I love dearly.